2018 Music Picks

Happy 2019!


Thank you for your interest in peering through my favourite music from the past year, MMXVIII. It’s been four years since I’ve published such a list. I’m sure there are many reasons why this has occurred (lazy? moi?), but I do enjoy looking back on the year that was to try and summarize in my own mind what releases I thoroughly enjoyed, and what still resonates whenever I hit ‘play’ today.

Those are probably all the introductory words you need. You’re just here for the good stuff, so without further ado, I present to you my favourite selections for 2018 (alphabetized, so no favouritism!).

Autechre: ‘NTS Sessions 1-4’ [Warp]
Laura Cannell & André Bosman: ‘Reckonings’ [Brawl]
Castle If: ‘Sector 03’ [Self-released]
The Caretaker: ‘Everywhere at the End of Time, Stage 4’ [History Always Favours The Winners]
Cowboy Junkies: ‘All That Reckoning’ [Latent]
Cœur de pirate: ‘en cas de tempête, ce jardin sera fermé.’ [Dare to Care]
Cruel Diagonals: ‘Disambiguation’ [Drawing Room]
Mark Fell: ‘Intra’ [Boomkat]
GAS: ‘Rausch’ [Kompakt]
Korridor: ‘End of Cycle’ [Northern Electronics]
krzyzis: ‘Degrowth’ [Self-released]
Jake Muir: ‘Lady’s Mantle’ [Sferic]
Shorelights: ‘Ancient Lights’ [Subwax Bcn]
Mark Van Hoen: ‘Invisible Threads’ [Touch]

BEST EPs OF 2018
Deepchord & Fluxion present Transformations: ‘Bona Fide’ [Vibrant] 
Donato Dozzy: ‘Mindless Fullness’ [Eerie]
Dopplereffekt: ‘Athanatos’ [Leisure System]
Nuel: ‘The Gentle’ [Midgar]
Temple ov Saturn: ‘Descent’ [Self-released]


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