Mukuba Special / Rubaczech

Shackleton vs. Kasai Allstars: Mukuba Special / Burnt Friedman vs. Konono N° 1: Rubaczech | Congotronics | 2010

Extreme and vital, both of these remixes add to the allure that first brought ‘Congotronics’ to my ears. Shackleton works his dark take on the Kasai Allstars to hypnotic levels, and never lets us go. Burnt Friedman’s staccato drum hits propel his remix to work as well on the dance floor as it does in the living room. Both remixes layer the the percussive elements on strong, with Shackleton taking things up a notch with his vocal treatments as well. A perfect pairing, on both counts.

45 RPM 12″ vinyl reviewed.



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